Just Pick Three


We juggle a lot of tasks, appointments, and demands on our time, attention, and energy. So we’re reminded to focus. Product, customer, whatever. It’s also true for our marketing. We need to focus on our goals and which marketing avenues will be most successful. But that can be overwhelming, as you can see from this (incomplete) list of marketing avenues available to small businesses.

  • Web content/SEO
  • Online directories, Craigslist
  • E-newsletters
  • PPC/SEM/Retargeting/Remarketing
  • Display ads (online, mobile)
  • Apps
  • Blogs
  • Daily deals
  • Offline networking
  • Social Media: FB, LinkedIn, G+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Industry Specific, Other
  • Print: Newspapers, magazines, direct mail, coupon books/packs, new neighbor, other
  • Radio/Streaming
  • TV/Cable

We can’t. So let’s not even try.

Solution: Select just three out of the list that are do-able for you. Three that meet your time commitment, budget, and business. Just three. Stick to those for a minimum of six months. Then re-evaluate.

Just three!

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