Alone on a Holiday? Make it Peaceful

pine_cone_with_snow_646168_76849535Years ago, I moved to Boston, far from family. It was February, so it was some time before I confronted the alone-on-the holiday phenomenon that’s become more common with the increased mobility of the 21st Century.

I had to confront how I would spend the holidays instead, because holidays are for families, right? There’s a lot of societal pressure to be with people during the holidays, to not be alone.

For the first few holidays, I took friends up on their generous invitation offers. They were always warm and welcoming, but I wondered what I was missing by not being alone on a holiday.

So one year, I intentionally spent a holiday alone. I made a traditional dinner, had carols playing, a fire in the fireplace, etc. I had done laundry and cleaning, so there were no “chores” hanging over me. It was peaceful. Calm. Serene. I highly recommend it.

Since then, I’ve spent some holidays with friends, some with family, some with a significant other (and his family), and some alone. Memories of the holidays I’ve spent alone bring about the same nostalgia of those I’ve spent among others.

If you’re spending a holiday alone, rejoice and enjoy your peace.  Make your memories.