We All Do It


Many questions help lead us to one answer – usually!

We all have internal conversations. The ones that go: Should I? … But if I do … yadda yadda.

An ongoing conversation with myself is what my minimal SEO efforts on my own site say about my skills.

On the one hand, people say I should SEO my site up-and-down and every-which-way in order to show people what I can do.

But then …

  • My time is limited. Do I spend it on my site or my customer’s sites?
  • My categories (SEO, content, consulting) are very competitive.
  • I hate “shoulds.” They’re often what the adviser thinks is good for me. They rarely feel good in my gut.

What advice would I give a customer? If all a client’s efforts were to “work” within 90 days, she’d be overwhelmed. She wouldn’t be able to service anyone at the level she does.

I should SEO the out of my site. But I’m not going to.