I Meant to Mention …

HempI attended the Spring MJ Business Conference in Chicago last week. At some point, I overheard someone saying that medical (and recreational) marijuana must be becoming mainstream because she sees a lot of articles about it in her social media news feeds and on general news sites.

Well, sort of.

You know how you go online and shop for something and related ads then follow you around for days (weeks sometimes!)? The same thing happens with your news and other sites that you visit. Just about every site we visit deposits a cookie on our computers. Over time, algorithms “learn” what we like and give us more of that. (Facebook’s recent agreement with nine media companies to add their content directly into our news feeds will be the same thing – on steroids!)

Other than making us believe that the world thinks like we do, it also has the potential to limit what we’re exposed to. We’re not as likely to stumble across something we might find interesting, but wouldn’t seek on our own. Like a magazine in a doctor’s office waiting room that we wouldn’t normally read.

For me, it’s unsettling to realize that I’m being exposed to that which I’ve already expressed an interest in.

All that aside, yes, the world is waking up to the benefits of cannabis and hemp.