Where to Sign the MILegalize Initiative

comparison of two initiatives to legalize recreational marihuana in MII recognize that many people want to support the legalization of marihuana privately, but don’t want to publicize it. I respect that.

So I’ve created a list of venues that I have personally visited and dropped off blank MILegalize initiatives that you can visit at your convenience. Many of them are indoor garden suppliers.

You must be a registered voter. While Michigan doesn’t currently allow us to register to vote online, you can find the application here.

Here’s the current list:

Cultivation Station
5812 Division Ave S

The Twisted Monkey
5522 Division Ave S

Purple East Artcorp
250 Ionia Avcenue SW
(side entrance on north side)

Purple Haze
800 28th Street SW
(behind Subway)

1042 Michigan Street NE

GR Hydroponics
524 Leonard Street NE

GR Vape
2221 Plainfield NE

Horizen Hydroponics
1614 Leonard Street NE

4150 Lake Michigan Drive NW

Shakedown Street
670 Leonard NW

I’ll add to it as I visit more businesses.

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