How Do Listings Affect SEO? (and a Tip!)

2016-04 Directory Equation

Our print presence is now online – and it’s much bigger.

If you’re familiar with “Juliette’s SEO Analogy,” you understand that the strength of the “cables” (Search Engine Optimization/SEO) is what determines how brightly your “light bulb” (website) outshines your competition. One factor affecting the strength of our cables is Directories or Listings,often used interchangeably. How do they impact SEO?

It used to be that our business presence was primarily print: phone books, Chamber and alumni directories, industry and organizational rosters, even a Rolodex, among others. Real people saw those, and real people know that 123 Main St is the same is 123 Main Street. Search engines are literal. That minor difference will “break a cable.”

Let’s fix them and move on, right? If only it were that simple! As with anything else – a car, a furnace, a mower, investments (an online presence is an investment!), relationships, anything – they need maintenance, because they break.

For example: I’ve fixed my online presence, but forgot that my business card has a suite number with my address. I give it to someone who adds (or scans) it to a database. I’ve just unknowingly and inadvertently “broken a cable.”

If a cable becomes disconnected, would a customer continue searching for me – or would they call my competition? We need to think of SEO as an ongoing, overhead cost, just as we consider our Internet connection a “utility.”

Tip: Search your business name. A summary, known as a Knowledge Graph, should appear on the right. Use the exact wording of that address, phone, etc. The search engines already associate it with your business presence.

Want to know the health of your cables? I can generate a free report that shows the strength of the major cables that make up your online presence. Call me at 616-485-4966 or email me at [email protected]