Please Don’t Ask IT to do SEO

Square peg and a round hole. Metaphor for a misfit or nonconformist.

Square peg and a round hole. Analogy for a misfit.

When I educate people about the importance of their online presence and how many pieces (too many to count) it touches, they recognize the importance of it. Then, and I can almost see the wheels turning, some of them will think, “I’ll have my IT (Information Technology) people do it.”

Please don’t.

Remember my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analogy? Remember how I said the light bulbs are our websites? Within this analogy, we can also think of our light bulb as, say, a porch light on our business’s building whether it’s a manufacturing plant, office building, home office, whatever.

Our light bulbs are connected to our buildings. Inside the buildings are an entirely different set of “wires”:

  • Security, such as firewalls and monitoring systems.
  • Communications, including email and phones.
  • Storage, which would be our servers.

And miles (often literally) of other wires that I know nothing about because I don’t do IT. I do SEO. See where I’m going with this?

IT doesn’t do SEO.

On occasion, you’ll find a rare person who can do both, because there are exceptions to everything. In general, though, not so much.

Oh, and web designers and software developers don’t (generally) do SEO either. Good web developers are capable of including SEO in new and renovated sites. However, they don’t (generally) like to maintain it.

(Any IT professional who is asked to do SEO, feel free to forward this to whomever is requesting that of you! You’re welcome.)