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I Meant to Mention …

HempI attended the Spring MJ Business Conference in Chicago last week. At some point, I overheard someone saying that medical (and recreational) marijuana must be becoming mainstream because she sees a lot of articles about it in her social media news feeds and on general news sites.

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Hemp Farming Meetup on Wed, Oct. 22, 2014

Just a few random notes …


People attending: Joe Brown (Michigan Hemp Company), James Novak (Hemp Solutions), Mary Ellen, Sue, Frank, and myself. (plus two others whose names I don’t remember)

First of all, hemp is not marijuana. Although related, they’re different plants. Sort of like mules and thoroughbred horses are related. Another important difference is that hemp has a minuscule amount of THC, that ingredient in marijuana that gets people high.

Hemp has a lot of commercial uses, as shown in the chart at right. Brown had examples of two products with him: hempcrete, which is a concrete-like building product, and fabric.

Hempcrete is a versatile product. Depending on the use, hempcrete has an R rating of 30-50. It actually absorbs greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

The fabric was white, which he says is the “Holy Grail” color of hemp fabric. As a novice seamstress, I was really impressed with the fabric. He had two samples, both with a cotton-y, T-shirt feel. One even had a four-way stretch. Very useful for athletic clothing, I thought.

Both Brown and Novak referred to hemp as a miracle plant that does everything for everyone. From what I’ve read so far, it is a great plant with a multitude of uses, but the hyperbole was a bit much for me.

Michigan Hemp Company wants to grow hemp for industrial uses in Michigan. Brown needs farmers willing to grow it.

Hemp Solutions is focused on educating the public about hemp.


(Image from Northern Wisconsin NORML)