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Please Don’t Ask IT to do SEO

Square peg and a round hole. Metaphor for a misfit or nonconformist.

Square peg and a round hole. Analogy for a misfit.

When I educate people about the importance of their online presence and how many pieces (too many to count) it touches, they recognize the importance of it. Then, and I can almost see the wheels turning, some of them will think, “I’ll have my IT (Information Technology) people do it.”

Please don’t. Continue reading

How Do Listings Affect SEO? (and a Tip!)

2016-04 Directory Equation

Our print presence is now online – and it’s much bigger.

If you’re familiar with “Juliette’s SEO Analogy,” you understand that the strength of the “cables” (Search Engine Optimization/SEO) is what determines how brightly your “light bulb” (website) outshines your competition. One factor affecting the strength of our cables is Directories or Listings,often used interchangeably. How do they impact SEO? Continue reading