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Google Updates Basic Guidelines

The Local Web infographics

From Google image search (labeled for reuse).

Google has to walk a line between giving us information, but not so much information that we can “game” search results and land on the all-important first page.

Google wants to give us guidelines, so we can give it better information, so Google can give its users better information, so it can earn revenue from ads.
Google can’t give us too much, though, because then it won’t be able to give accurate results and people won’t use it anymore. Continue reading

Please Don’t Ask IT to do SEO

Square peg and a round hole. Metaphor for a misfit or nonconformist.

Square peg and a round hole. Analogy for a misfit.

When I educate people about the importance of their online presence and how many pieces (too many to count) it touches, they recognize the importance of it. Then, and I can almost see the wheels turning, some of them will think, “I’ll have my IT (Information Technology) people do it.”

Please don’t. Continue reading