Girls’ Lunch

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Girls’ Lunch is refreshing!

What’s changing:

$15 instead of $12.

No-shows will be billed, as always. In addition, the names of those who haven’t paid will be shared with hostesses, and those who don’t pay will be required to pre-pay. Once someone is on the list, there’s no getting off of it. So don’t get on it.

*As of October 2014, there are two Girls’ Lunches.

GR Girls’ Lunch: Founded by Juliette Cowall in 2004, it meets the third Monday of the month. It has a LinkedIn groupClick here to receive the monthly invitations.

GL West: Started by Rachel Harwood and Deb Robinson in September 2014, this group meets in the Holland area on the second Tuesday of the month. It started as a GL, but they changed the promotional format (which is what makes GL GL!), so it’s going to have a name change.

There was an Ionia GL lunch from ~2011-2013.

There’s a Lakeshore Ladies Lunch since ~2012 that uses the GL format, but is not a GL.

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