Does Your Site Process Financial Transactions?

Non-secure triangle for non- https sites

Non-secure triangle for non- https sites

If so, your site could be penalized after January 2017 with a big red triangle and “not secure” in the address bar.

On Sep. 8, the Google/Chrome security blog said that they’re going to flag sites that are not HTTPS as “not secure,” even in incognito mode.

These are Google engineers saying this. This is serious. A quote from the article: Continue reading

How I’ve Increased My LinkedIn Visibility

For our professional lives, LinkedIn is the place to be (which is why I’ll likely re-publish this there). I wanted to become more active and visible on LinkedIn, but I don’t have a lot of extra time to devote to it. This is a tactic that I’ve been using for a few months, and I like the results. Could I get better results doing something else? Maybe. This works for me because it allows one of my off-LinkedIn activities (reading, which I do a lot of) to positively impacts my LinkedIn visibility. Continue reading