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Two Cannabis Ballot Initiatives for Michigan in 2016

initiatives one-sheet jul2015 (1)A few weeks ago, two organizations received permission to begin collecting signatures to put a recreational marihuana question on the 2016 ballot here in Michigan.

I read through the two proposals, and I am supporting MILegalize over Michigan Cannabis Coalition (MCC). The general message I get from each of these is:

  • MCC: “Let’s get this passed, put together a board, and figure it out later.”
  • MILegalize: “Let’s give voters a completely thought-out initiative with rules that will guide them from Day One.”

Other than the general message, factors that enter into my decision to support MILegalize include:

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I Meant to Mention …

HempI attended the Spring MJ Business Conference in Chicago last week. At some point, I overheard someone saying that medical (and recreational) marijuana must be becoming mainstream because she sees a lot of articles about it in her social media news feeds and on general news sites.

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Another Bodily Function: Homeostasis

Some medical uses for cannabis

The endocannabinoid system helps the body to maintain equilibrium. When illness or injury affects this process, cannabis can be a natural alternative.

We know that our hearts circulate blood, our lungs take in oxygen, our digestive tract extracts nutrients from our food. We also know a bit about hormones and how they affect our different systems.

There’s another, and it’s called the endocannabinoid system. It’s an overall process that maintains homeostasis – equilibrium of the human body. Although there’s lots more to learn about this system and its components – receptors – we know that its primary function is to communicate and regulate levels of different cannabinoids in bodily organs. Continue reading