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Juliette’s SEO Analogy

Juliette's SEO IllustrationSome people actually know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is. A lot of people sort of have an idea of what it is. It has something to do with the Internet and websites and Google, right? But what is it? Where does it fit? What does it do?

First, think of a power storage unit – say, a power plant. Second, think of a bunch of wires and cables connecting the power source to, third, a grid of light bulbs.

The power plant represents a search engine, like Google. The wires and cables are SEO – and there are hundreds of them, maybe thousands. Each light bulb represents a website. The brightness of the light bulb depends on the strength of its wires and cables, not the power plant.

It doesn’t matter if the bulb is a pretty color or has the latest technology. If the wires are loose, frayed, or broken, it will be outshone by other bulbs. Bad pun alert! Who wants to be a dim bulb?

If you think this is the best analogy for SEO that you’ve ever heard, please share!